Lasernut Rock Race

Event Entries

This is registration for the 2017 Trail Hero Lasernut Rock Race. There is a limited 20 positions available for this race. If you are interested in racing with us please contact Rich Klein at 530-409-4548 BEFORE registering. 

The Lasernut Rock Race course for the Trail Hero Event will consist of 2 flights of ten vehicles racing on a 2 mile track. This in no way is short course racing, but rather a Rock Race in natural terrain on a 2 mile track. From each flight, we will take the top 4 drivers and place them in the main. We will take the remaining 12 drivers and run an LCQ which will place the top 4 drivers into the Main. Each Prelim Race will be set at 8 Laps with a random draw for starting positions in the first two heats. The LCQ Start positions will be based on positions placed in the Prelims and will be a total of 8 laps, and the Main will be the same with the 4 LCQ Drivers starting in the rear and running 10 laps.

We are looking at a $300 entry fee with 100% purse Payback. With a Limit of 20 Drivers, that will equate to a $6,000 purse to be split up between the top 3 positions. 1st will take $3,000, 2nd $2,000 and 3rd $1,000.

We also offer SXS racing and it will be on the same course under the same format with the same fees. Please Call Rich Klein for more info.