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West Rim By Novak Conversions more

::: West Rim :::

West Rim is one of the most popular trails offered for Trail Hero.  What makes it so popular is that if you are with a group that has a wide range of vehicles, from stock to wild, you will be able to tour together and find something that will challenge you.  There are many places where you can drive your stock rig up right next to the built rigs and watch them struggle to make the hardline.  You all will be amazed at the incredible 360 degree views of Sand Hollow, Zion Park, Pine Valley Reservoir, St. George, The Arizona Strip, and Hurricane Cliffs. 

The trail stages at the Hurricane Water Tanks, then heads over to the lower sand dunes by the golf course.  After going down and up the dunes, the course continues to the first slickrock obstacle, The Steps.  As the name implies, this is a set of ledges that will test your suspension and driving ability.  Like many of the obstacles on West Rim, there are easy, hard, and very hard lines.  Lunch is usually held at, appropriately enough, the "Lunch Room," an alcove surrounded on 3 sides by tall rock formations, and a nice viewpoint of Warner Valley and the Arizona Strip to the south.  From the Lunch Room, there is plenty of 4-wheeling left.  The "Rock Garden" is at the end of West Rim Trail.  From there, the return route is down Hurricane Sand Dunes.  

This popular trail tends to fill up fast. 


Incredible 360 degree vistas of Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, Pine Valley Mountains (usually snow capped for Winter 4x4 Jamboree), Warner Valley, the Arizona Strip, Hurricane Cliffs, and Hurricane Sand dunes.


Sand dunes and sandy roads, then slickrock ledges and two-track rocky roads.

Trail Details

There a many obstacles on this 4-rated trail, with twice as many optionals just off the trail.  The trail starts with "The Steps" (slickrock ledges) and then to "The Funnel" (a rounded 30" step that requires stacking rocks for stock vehicles).  From there, the climb is up a couple more steps to the "West Rim Boulevard", which is a rocky road the feeds several other trails.  After turning down onto West Rim, the trail travels along the rim on an alternately rocky and sandy road that is on the rim.  You leave the rim to travle between a set of evenly spaced pinnacles, called the "Toll Booths" that tower above the trail and have a ledge that can challenge stock rigs.  

A pullout called the "Scenic Loop" has beautiful views of St. George and the airport, and can be a challenge for stock rigs on it's entry steps and a short climb out on dirt.  From there, the challenges are various, winding through a rock-walled labyrinth until you reach the Lunch Room.  Great views from here, surrounded by rock walls.  

There are several challenging obstacles after the Lunch Room, starting with "The Squeeze" that can leave a rock rash on wide vehicles.  The trail ends in an area called the "Rock Garden."  This area has many various obstacles surrounding an open natural courtyard, allowing spectators to walk from one show to the next.  After leaving the trail, the way back is down the Hurricane Sand Dunes, affording a chance to increase the pace and blow out the dust.

West Rim Trail

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd 
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Location: Lonny Boy’s BBQ - 980 State St, Hurricane, UT 84737 
Trail: West Rim Trail
Rated: 6 with optional lines up to Buggy Obstacles


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Moderate 6 $50.00
9 slots available
Milt's Mile Lite by Synergy MFG more

::: Milts Mile Lite :::

Most of Milt’s Mile Light Trail follows along the edge of Milt’s Mile Trail. Several sections are part of the original Milt’s Mile, and a couple of sections are shared with the current Milt’s Mile. This trail affords spectacular views of Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Hurricane Cliffs, and Zion Park. During the Jamboree, there is a great spot to watch the “entertainment” when the 6-rated Milt’s Mile vehicles negotiate a tough section in the canyon below. A couple of intimidating sections at the beginning, earn a 4 rating. With good spotting on a few obstacles, stock high clearance 4x4 vehicles with competent drivers can successfully negotiate this trail. Much of the trail is easy slickrock and some sand.


Beautiful views of the Sand Hollow Reservoir immediately to the north, with Zion Park in the distance.  Pine Valley Mountains, which are usually snow-capped during Winter 4x4 Jamboree are a few miles to the west.  Hurricane Mesa is to the west, with the rock formations of lower Sand Mountain nestled in the sand dunes immediately to the west.


Slickrock (sandstone) with several sections of two-track and some sand dunes at the end.

Trail Details

Milt’s Mile Light Trail begins at the Hurricane Water Tanks staging area. The access route follows along the north boundary fence on a two-track sand trail for 3/4 mile, turning south into a sandy wash, and up to a slickrock bowl where the fun begins. A couple of slickrock climbs provide a good warm up and an opportunity to see what stock-clearance vehicles are capable of doing. The bowl looks pretty tough, but careful driving and good spotting will award drivers with the feeling of conquering it. From here, the trail will go up a ledgy road, giving drivers a chance to check their clearance in a couple of spots. An overlook stop near the top of this section, is where you can watch the show as the 6-rated Milt’s Mile vehicles negotiate tough obstacles in the canyon below. The next section drops down a couple of ledges into a small canyon, and then up a bypass around “The Crack” obstacle on Milt’s Mile. The route continues up a wide section of slickrock, then crosses over a dry wash. A short trip along the base of some nice rock formations, including a large hoodoo, and you are out of the canyon. Be sure to stop at this point and enjoy the views looking back. From here, cross over a broken fence line, and head west 3/4 mile, then north to a cattle-guard crossing. Follow the sandy road north 1 1/4 miles to arrive at the Hurricane Water Tanks staging area.

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location: Lin's Marketplace, 1120 State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
Trail: Milt's Mile Lite

Rated: 4


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Moderate 4 $50.00
24 slots available
Special Needs Access - West Rim Lite more

::: West Rim Lite :::

Trail Riders will need to give their front passenger seat to one of our participants for this trail. May need to have a second seat available for a chapperone.

Most of West Rim Light Trail tours the rim of Sand Mountain, with spectacular views of Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, St. George City, Warner Valley and the Hurricane Cliffs. The trail is mainly sandy road, with a few slickrock challenges and a sand dunes crossing. Stock 4x4 vehicles with properly inflated tires will enjoy this trail with a few challenges to prove their capabilities. Most of the trail is scenic four-wheeling. 

West Rim Lite Trail begins at the Washington Dam staging area. A sandy wash is followed to a dirt two-track, leading up the side of Sand Mountain. After a sandy section with a marked intersection, the trail leads up to “The Steps” obstacle, with progressively bigger steps to the right. Almost immediately after The Steps, the trail comes to “The Funnel,” which is a 36-inch high ledge with no bypass. Careful rock stacking is required for stock-height vehicles, and long rear overhang vehicles may drag their bumpers or hitches. There are a few smaller ledges before reaching the hilltop. The next section, known as “West Rim Boulevard,” is the main route along the ridge of Sand Mountain. West Rim Trail will depart to the right at a marked intersection. After a bumpy section, the trail travels the edge of West Rim with beautiful views of Warner Valley. Next is a group of large monoliths called “The Toll Gates,” followed by a steep rocky climb to meet back with West Rim Boulevard at the top. Along the Boulevard, views of Warner Valley, Arizona Strip, Pine Valley Mountain, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, and Hurricane Cliffs surround you. At the end of West Rim Boulevard, there is a descent to the mesa at the top of “Competition Hill.” Here, the trail takes a tricky S-turn down the sand and then traverses the Hurricane Sand Dunes before reaching the East Rim Trail. More sand, slickrock steps and dirt trails complete the East Rim section of this trail. West Rim Light Trail ends east of Sand Hollow Reservoir.


Incredible views of Warner Valley and the city of St. George are along West Rim.  Beautiful views of Zion Park, Warner Valley, Arizona Strip, Sand Hollow Reservoir, and snow-capped Pine Valley Mountains surround you from the West Rim Boulevard. 


Most of West Rim Lite trail is on sandy two-track road.  The initial climb from the Washington Dam staging area is sand and clay.  There are sandstone (slickrock) ledges along the way, and a loose stone climb from the rim up to West Rim Boulevard. There is a downhill sand dune crossing.  

Trail Details

The Steps, a ledgy section has variable difficulty depending on the route chosen.  Left is easy, and to the right is progressively more difficult.  The Funnel is a rounded 30" ledge that requires a few rocks stacked for stock height vehicles.  A loose stone climb from West Rim up to West Rim Boulevard requires 4 wheel drive.  The sand dunes crossing at the midpoint is downhill.  The East Rim section after the dunes has several ledgy areas with up to 12" ledges.

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd 
Time: 9 Staging/Breakfast Departure at 10 PM (This trail will have a catered Breakfast for particiants and guides.)
Location: Lonny Boys 980 State St, Hurricane, UT 84737
Trail: Special Needs Access Day - West Rim Lite

Rated: 4


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Moderate 4 $0.00
24 slots available
Sliplock Gulch more

::: Sliplock Gulch :::

This extremely fun trail features a series of steep slicklock waterfalls with plenty of challenges.  The trail has three sections. 

The first section is the scenic rim road from the dunes to the bottom of the gulch. It has a couple of steep waterfalls that will build your confidence on the slickrock.  
The trail enters the second section after crossing into the bottom of the gulch.  After entering the gulch, you will come to a series of tight climbs.  The second one is Horseshoe Falls.  Take the bypass if you want to keep your sheet metal straight. After completing the rest of the climbs in that gulch, the trail exits the gulch and takes the road back down the west side, until turning west and travelling past the start of John's Trail.  There is a steep sand drop into a wide slickrock gulch that begins the third section.

The third section starts with a couple of tough ledges.  Bypasses are commonly used on them.  Towards the end of this section, there is an optional area with a couple of climbs and a tight slot before a wide V-notch. Careful driving is needed to avoid body damage.

This challenging trail is a lot of fun.  Be careful, and take the bypasses when you are not confident about an obstacle.


Nice high desert scenery, with some views of Sand Hollow Reservoir and Zion Park.


Sandy Roads for the first part, then steep slickrock waterfalls, then rocky gulches with steep waterfalls and ledges.

Trail Details

There are many 7- and 8-rated optional obstacles on this trail.  The most noted is the Horseshoe Falls in the second section.  It has been known to have tip overs and breaks regularly.  If you attempt it, you should probably have a strap with a few big guys on it to keep the front end down.  Body and driveline damage is likely.  At the end of the trail, there are several options, including a tight chute, steep waterfall, and a wide V-notch, that have all caused damage.

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow - Water Tanks
Trail: Sliplock Gultch

Rated: 6

Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Moderate 6 $50.00
21 slots available