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Front Range more

::: Front Range :::

Front Range is a newer trail out at Sand Hollow that is about 2 years old. Once you crest to the top, you can view Sand Hollow Reservoir and the beautiful cliffs of Zion National Park in the far distance. 

Drivers will navigate a loose sand wash as they get to the trail head.  Once you enter the trail, the first obstacle is called The Pinch. As the name implies, there is a wedge that will pinch your vehicle and drivers must get the passanger front tire to the top of the wedge of the right or the vehicle will fall in. Make sure all hands, feet and head are in the vehicle while trying this obstacle because if it falls in the wedge, the vehicle moves in a sudden momment without warning. The Pinch has an obstacle to the left if need be. From the first obstacle there are a series of cracks and wedges that drivers must navigate in order to finish the trail. Lunch is usually held at The Dumper, which is were several vehicles have dumped over onto their side. It contains a series of 3 cracks all at various heights, and an off camber entry to the obstacle. After that is Axle Alley which has claimed several short wheelbase lighter duty axles. From there drivers head over to Lookout Rock which is the highest point of the trail and the last obstacle. Lookout Rock is a very Narrow path to the top with a 40 foot drop on the passanger side of the vehicle. Keep your line to the drivers side as much as possible to avoid severe damage.  

This popular trail tends to fill up fast due to it being one of the newer trails on the mountain. 


Incredible 360 degree vistas of Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, Pine Valley Mountains (usually snow capped for Winter 4x4 Jamboree), Warner Valley, the Arizona Strip, Hurricane Cliffs, and Hurricane Sand dunes.


Sand dunes and sandy roads, then slickrock ledges and two-track rocky roads.

Trail Details

Other obstacles are "Flex-it", which forces vehicles into extreme articulation. Diamond Cut which is a 6 foot ledge climb that drops you into a 60 foot long crack with an off camber 8 foot climb at the end. The climb contains a very jagged rok known for peeling body panels off of vehicles that don't pay attention. 

Diamond Cut comes into play after The Dumper. From there is Axle Alley and then the obstacle called Rise Above where drivers will make an off camber climb that forces the passenger side into a huge boulder. Once on top of that, you navigate across several large cracks to Lookout Rock.

Front Range

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Location: Sand Hollow – Tunnel (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: Front Range
Rated: 8


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Difficult 8 $50.00
14 slots available
Faultline/Razorback more

::: Faultline/Razorback :::

This trail will be a combination of the new trail "Razorback", as well as the older trail "Fault Line". The first quarter mile will wake you up!  The Fault Line is one of the favorites of many who have attended winter events in the St George area.  It is actually a short entry trail that feeds into the West Rim Trail, but since the obstacles on the Fault Line are more challenging, and there are lots of people that register for West Rim as well, we decided to have Fault Line turn into the Razorback Trail instead. 


Great views of Warner Valley from the tops of the cliffs.  St. George city, Pine Valley Moun-ains, Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, the Arizona Strip, and Hurricane Cliffs keep the scenery meter pegged out on this trip.  


Sandstone (slickrock) with ledges and waterfall climbs and descents.  Off-camber turns and loose stone climbs. Long side hill obstacles that mae you feel uncomfortable, but are safe to drive without rolling over. Some dirt to rock transitions.

Trail Details

Fault Line presents some challenges, beginning with a climb up a two-foot ledge that often reminds drivers they need to shift to 4-wheel drive.  Soon after, there is a very steep incline up a clay and sandstone hillside. Once on top, a driver is presented with the task of traversing across the edge of a jagged outcropping, a fault if you will. Once conquering the shelves on top of the fault, the driver is faced with a very steep descent. After the steep descent, drivers can do an "S" turn and go back up the steep wall, around a cluster of big rocks, then back down another steep descent.  From there, a sandy road lets you catch your breath on the way to Razorback. Razorback has a fun entrance just off the access road with 3 optional lines depending on your vehicle and skill level. Drivers traverse back and forth across the ridge to capture all the fun obstacles while crossing the bypass several times that splits each side of the ridge. After the peak of the ridge, drivers will make a steady and flat off camber decent known as Capture Ridge. It is suggested that drivers have either higher tire pressure than normal or beadlocks. 18-20 lbs is required without beadlocks. Once at the bottom, there is an optional decent through the obstacle "Cam's Corner". Participants will then run the old Ridgeline Route back to the beginning. 

Rigs should have a Moderate lift, and recommended 35 inch tires.  Lockers front and rear, or one locker in front is recommended for this trail.

Date: Wednesday, October 3rd 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Location: Water Tanks
Trail: Razorback/Fault Line
Rating: 7


Wed, Oct. 3rd, 2018 Difficult 7 $50.00
21 slots available