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Veteran's West Rim more

::: Veteran's West Rim :::

This is the designated Veteran's run for Trail Hero 2017. If you are a Vet, register and we will refund your ticket at Registration during the event. 

West Rim is one of the most popular trails offered for Trail Hero.  What makes it so popular is that if you are with a group that has a wide range of vehicles, from stock to wild, you will be able to tour together and find something that will challenge you.  There are many places where you can drive your stock rig up right next to the built rigs and watch them struggle to make the hardline.  You all will be amazed at the incredible 360 degree views of Sand Hollow, Zion Park, Pine Valley Reservoir, St. George, The Arizona Strip, and Hurricane Cliffs. 

The trail stages at the Hurricane Water Tanks, then heads over to the lower sand dunes by the golf course.  After going down and up the dunes, the course continues to the first slickrock obstacle, The Steps.  As the name implies, this is a set of ledges that will test your suspension and driving ability.  Like many of the obstacles on West Rim, there are easy, hard, and very hard lines.  Lunch is usually held at, appropriately enough, the "Lunch Room," an alcove surrounded on 3 sides by tall rock formations, and a nice viewpoint of Warner Valley and the Arizona Strip to the south.  From the Lunch Room, there is plenty of 4-wheeling left.  The "Rock Garden" is at the end of West Rim Trail.  From there, the return route is down Hurricane Sand Dunes.  

This popular trail tends to fill up fast. 


Incredible 360 degree vistas of Sand Hollow Reservoir, Zion Park, Pine Valley Mountains (usually snow capped for Winter 4x4 Jamboree), Warner Valley, the Arizona Strip, Hurricane Cliffs, and Hurricane Sand dunes.


Sand dunes and sandy roads, then slickrock ledges and two-track rocky roads.

Trail Details

There a many obstacles on this 6-rated trail, with twice as many optionals just off the trail.  The trail starts with "The Steps" (slickrock ledges) and then to "The Funnel" (a rounded 30" step that requires stacking rocks for stock vehicles).  From there, the climb is up a couple more steps to the "West Rim Boulevard", which is a rocky road the feeds several other trails.  After turning down onto West Rim, the trail travels along the rim on an alternately rocky and sandy road that is on the rim.  You leave the rim to travle between a set of evenly spaced pinnacles, called the "Toll Booths" that tower above the trail and have a ledge that can challenge stock rigs.  

A pullout called the "Scenic Loop" has beautiful views of St. George and the airport, and can be a challenge for stock rigs on it's entry steps and a short climb out on dirt.  From there, the challenges are various, winding through a rock-walled labyrinth until you reach the Lunch Room.  Great views from here, surrounded by rock walls.  

There are several challenging obstacles after the Lunch Room, starting with "The Squeeze" that can leave a rock rash on wide vehicles.  The trail ends in an area called the "Rock Garden."  This area has many various obstacles surrounding an open natural courtyard, allowing spectators to walk from one show to the next.  After leaving the trail, the way back is down the Hurricane Sand Dunes, affording a chance to increase the pace and blow out the dust.

West Rim Trail

Date: Thursday, October 4th 
Time: 9:30 AM Staging, Departure at 10 AM
Location: Zion Harley Davidson - 2345 N Coral Canyon Blvd, Washington, UT 84780 
***(Join us early for Breakfast at 9 AM)***
Trail: Veteran's West Rim Trail
Rated: 6 with optional lines up to Buggy Obstacles

Thurs Oct. 4th, 2018 Moderate 6 $50.00
12 slots available
Plan B by Agility Off-Road more

::: Plan B :::

Plan B is located at the far south edge of the Hurricane Sand Dunes.  The trip from the Hurricane Water Tanks is bumpy until you reach the upper dunes, and then you get to try out your dunes capability.  Once you reach the trail, you start right off with an off-camber ditch that leans you close to a rock ledge on your right.  Then, you get to climb a max steep hill, then drop down to a max steep drop and a max off-camber turn with an imposing rock on the right.  From there, the trail delivers continuous challenges and incredible scenery.  After the trail, you can drive down the dunes and enjoy the views of Sand Hollow Reservoir with Zion Park in the background.


Plan B takes you far out past the sand dunes of Sand Mountain.  It is a very scenic drive through the sand dunes or across the top of West Rim and down to the edge of the dunes.  Plan B meanders its way through a few challenging hills and washes, then follows the edge of Sand Mountain with big views of the Arizona Strip and Warner Valley below. 


Sand dunes to the entrance, then slickrock with ledges, cracks, steep walls, and off-camber shelf roads.  Return is via the sand dunes.

Trail Details

After the trip up the dunes to the entry, the steep climb and drop-in sometimes catch drivers off guard.  There are two off-camber turns that most drivers find unnerving.  The "Tilt a Whirl" is an off-camber narrow shelf that is poised above a thirty-foot drop-off.  There are some optional obstacles to give the trail a little more of a punch. A highlight of this scenic but challenging drive is the arch found along the cliff-side.  This is the perfect spot for lunch before turning back.  And of course, we have to find some more obstacles on our way. Rigs should have a lift and a minimum of 31" tires and a rear locker would be a plus.  If you choose to do some of the optional obstacles, then 33" tires would be best, with both front and rear lockers.  

Plan B

Date: Thursday, October 4th 
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow – Water Tanks (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, you WILL be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: Plan B
Rated: 6

Thurs Oct. 4th, 2018 Moderate 6 $50.00
6 slots available
Nephi Twist more

::: Nephi Twist :::

This trail is new to the Southern Utah Trail Network. Nephi Twist starts out in the town of Toquerville and wonders through the ravines in the back country to the the La Verkin Bluffs. There are several obstacles which become easier with a locker, but are possible with good driving and no locker. If you want to increase your level of driving, there are several short obstacles that require lockers front and rear, but the trail bypasses these on regular occasion. Once at the top of the La Verkin Bluffs, trail riders will make their way across the bluff and down to the La Verkin Creek which will make a perfect lunch stop. From there, you take the same path back across the bluff and down to Toquerville.   

They will also learn a lot about the area.  CB radios are recommended, in that much of the information about the area will be during the drive.


Much of the wonderful scenery that can be enjoyed  are once you reach the top of the bluff.  From this point, you will be able to see across Hurricane Valley, into the Desert Reserve, and look down upon Toquerville and La Verkin. Once to the edge of the Bluff, you can view La Verkin Creek from a birds eye view and see all the way back into the back side of Zion National Park.


Gravel Road, Rocky and loose dirt accents and decents, dry river crossings, and fun, off camber, two track trails.

Trail Details

Nephi Twist is a new trail that is roughly 16 miles long. Bring a lunch and have some fun in this Utah Back Country that was previously not available until now.

Nephi Twist

Date: Thursday, October 4th 
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Location: Maverik Adventure Stop - 460 N State St, La Verkin, UT 84745
Trail: Nephi Twist
Rated: 5 with bypasses for 3 rated vehicles


Thurs Oct. 4th, 2018 Moderate 5 $50.00
25 slots available