Title Run Date Trail Difficulty Trail Rating Price
TNT Extended more

::: TNT Extended :::

Trail Hero has added 8 new obstacles to this trail to push the rating into the 9 range. This new section will make you feel like you have missed a lot of wheeling ;) 

This trail teeters on the edge of being buggy territory.  Very skilled drivers in heavily modified full-size rigs have successfully negotiated it, but few of them escaped body damage.   Many rigs have had big fails here.   While not as high rated as Arrowhead Canyon in the next canyon to the east, it still has plenty of adrenaline factor for buggies and heavily modified full body rigs.



Pause to take in views of Sand Hollow Reservoir immediately to the south with Zion Park in the distance.  The usually snow-capped Pine Valley Mountains are to the west, and Hurricane Cliffs are to the east. 


Slickrock canyons, wedges, and ledges.  Some sand hills.

Trail Details

TNT begins in a sandy wash by Sand Hollow Reservoir. Lower chain follows this wash.  It is full of obstacles that can get ugly real fast if you are not careful.  The wash narrows into a tricky series of falls and around a bend that requires maneuvering your rig by a massive boulder.  Then it opens up and you begin making your way out of the wash.  TNT presents just as many intimidating challenges to both the rig and its driver.  You will almost always receive some "love bites" from the rocks.  Rigs need to be, at a minimum, locked front and rear with at least 35" tires. Chain Reaction has an extremely high possibility of body damage and/or mechanical breakdown.

Date: Friday, October 5th 
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow Tunnel (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: TNT Extended
Rated: 9

Fri Oct. 5th, 2018 Buggy 9 $50.00
15 slots available
DeKleined more

::: DeKleined :::

The name comes from a noted buggy driver who, when he was introduced to this new trail, was declined on his first attempt.  Apparently, this is not usual, as he has lead trips on some of the most hardcore trails the southwest has to offer.  So, to poke a little fun at him, we named the trail after him... kinda!  Needless to say, this is the most difficult of the difficult.  Come prepared to be "DeKleined" by this trail.

KrawlZone TV's Quick Clip of the DeKleined Trail


DeKleined is on the east hills above Sand Hollow Reservoir.  Great views of the reservoir and the red sand surrounding it.  To the southwest there are views of the many rock formations that hold most of the buggy trails run by Sand Hollow.  Behind the reservoir, you see the snow-packed peaks of Kolob and Pine Valley mountains.


Two-track sandy road from the Sand Hollow State Park to the trailhead.  Trail is mostly slickrock, with some sandy areas.  Return from the trail is via the same two-track. 

Trail Details

DeKleined has many of the most difficult climbs and off camber in not only our area, but anywhere!  Be prepared for tip-overs and breakage.  

Date: Friday, October 5th 
Time: 8:30 AM Staging, Departure at 9 AM
Staging Location: Sand Hollow – Tunnel (Vehicle Passes MUST be obtained at Registration FIRST, You will be charged for entering the park without a pass)
Trail: DeKleined
Rated: 10


Fri Oct. 5th, 2018 Buggy 10 $50.00
Toquerville Falls Sunset Run more

::: Toquerville Falls Sunset Run :::

This easy SUV trail goes to an awesome set of waterfalls on La Verkin Creek.  In the winter the falls vary in depth, but you can usually pull out and get a snapshot of your vehicle fording the creek above the falls.  There are a few bonus stops along the way back. One stop is to the Toquerville Towers, perched on a steep mountaintop above I-15 and the small town of Toquerville.  The next stop will be at the Babylon Mill.  This is an abandoned mill located on the banks of the Virgin River just north of La Verkin. The last stops are at historic silver mines and graveyard in the Silver Reef area.


The road from Toquerville to the falls is very scenic, with great views to Kolob Canyon area to the north.  Toquerville Falls are a set of horseshoe shaped falls that drop into a nice grotto.  From Toquerville Towers there are panoramic views of parts of  Zion Park, Pine Valley Mountains, Leeds, Silver Reef, Sand Mountain, and Hurricane Cliffs.  The Babylon Mill is in a pretty spot along the Virgin River.  Watch for Desert Tortoise along the way to the Mill, as this is in the Red Cliffs Desert Reserve.  The mines at Silver Reef are at the base of beautiful red rock cliffs with Pine Valley Mountains towering above them.


Most of the roads are paved.  There are several miles of bumpy dirt road, and a steep rocky climb up to the towers.  The road down to Toquerville Falls may have erosion, but is usually passable by stock SUV's.  The road to Babylon is graded sand.

Trail Details

The access road down to Toquerville Falls may have some washouts, but there are bypasses to them.  The road to the towers is steep and rocky, but it is maintained.  There may be soft sand on the road to Babylon Mills.  This trail is passable by stock SUV vehicles with lowered tire pressures.

This trail will be travelled at night. The Trail Leaves at 3:30pm and starts the return back to town after sunset. If you plan on running other trails, please take this into consideration. You may leave earlier to make other trails. Bring Provisions for Food and Drinks. No Alcohol Allowed.

Toquerville Falls Sunset Run

Date: Friday, October 5th 
Time: 3 PM Staging, Departure at 3:30PM
Location: Davis Grocery - 495 N State St, La Verkin, UT 84745
Trail: Toquerville Falls Sunset Run
Rated: 2


Fri Oct. 5th, 2018 Mild 2 $50.00
24 slots available